Frequently Asked Questions

Heat Tape:

1.    Heat tape is designed to provide a warm spot in each tub so that your animals may thermoregulate and digest their food. It may raise the ambient temperature in the tub a couple degrees at most. Heat tape is not designed to change the ambient temperature of the tub (common misconception).


2.    If your room is too cold you need to raise the ambient heat of your room / area where your reptiles are kept. Do not try to increase the Heat Tape temperature past 96 degrees (our maximum recommended temperature)


3.    All Heat tape must be used in conjunction with a thermostat. We highly recommend buying whichever thermostat best suits your needs from Spyder Robotics.



4.    Reptiles Revolution & their manufacturer (Flexwatt) accepts  no warranty either expressed or implied for heat tape use. Make sure you do not plug your rack in without using a thermostat!


1.   Will my snake eat Frozen / Thawed Rodents?

a.     All of our snakes are guaranteed to be feeding on Frozen / Thawed rodents unless the ad states different!

b.    You can feed live rodents at your own risk but we highly discourage it.


2.   Our feeding schedule regimen is as follows:

a.     Neonates- Every 5-7 Days

b.    Juveniles- Every 7-10 Days

c.     Adults- Every 10-14 Days


3.   Should I feed my animal inside the cage?

a.     Yes, feeding in a separate tub is unnecessary and can lead to other issues such as regurgitation.

Choosing a 1st time pet reptile:

1.  Determine what you are looking for in a pet

a.     Do your homework

                                                                 i.      Cage and Habitat Requirements

                                                              ii.      Substrates

                                                            iii.      Life Expectancy

                                                            iv.      Vet Costs

                                                              v.      Budget


2.  We have and always will tell people to research each type of reptile and go with what appeals to them!

a.     This assures that both you and your pet will be happy in the long run!


Our Housing Recommendations:


1.     We keep our breeding facility at an ambient 83 degrees.

a.     We DO NOT use Heat Tape for any of our snakes. We used it heavily for the 1st eight years and only had minor issues with it.

                                                                            i.      We have seen many examples of keepers & breeders that have had heat tape and thermostat failure leading to animal deaths and fires in their homes so we see no reason to use them anymore.

                                                                         ii.      This keeps our animals safe and allows for a more cost efficient operation!

b.    We know this is not possible for everyone but if you keep a larger number of reptiles we highly recommend switching over to ambient heat!


2.    Substrate

a.     We use Harlan Teklad Aspen Bedding exclusively for all of our snakes.

b.    There are many options available but we have found that Aspen makes the snakes feel the most secure/comfortable; can be spot cleaned; and it is the most cost efficient.


3.    Humidity

a.     We have found that the recommend 50% - 65% humidity is just not enough.

                                                                            i.      Causes incomplete/stuck sheds.

                                                                         ii.      Animals do not stay hydrated enough

b.    Our Reptile Facility is kept at 80% humidity at all times.

                                                                            i.      We have never had issues with shedding or respiratory issues with the humidity at 80%.

c.     We recommend building your own system using the Ultrasonic Fogger Systems from

                                                                            i.      Email them the size of your room(s) and they will help you determine which system best suits you!